Why Morning Rituals?

First and foremost, I am a mom of three beautiful children who continually teach and bring me so much joy and fulfillment. I often say that my life didn't really begin until I gave birth to my first child. It was the first time in my life that I couldn't just do what I felt like doing. Another little human depended on me for love, survival and nourishment.

I'll never forget that first night after giving birth being woken up by the screaming of my little but very loud son. As I groggily woke up and realized that it was my baby crying (oh yeah! I had a baby!!), it hit me that for the first time I couldn't just push the snooze button (or the off button!), ignore him, or decide to take care of him later. I had to get up !NOW! and tend to his needs. That was my wake up call to the reality of becoming a mom and stepping into a new relationship with myself and with this precious being.

Now that I was a mom, I often found myself placing my needs last on the priority list - if you're a mom, maybe you can relate. I struggled trying to find the balance of tending to the kids' needs while also making sure that I was being taken care of too.

My saving grace was realizing that there was a very specific time that I could take all for myself:

the dark, silent, ohh so sacred morning.

Before the kids wake, before the sun rises, before the day starts it's engine. This was my window. I began to hold it with the utmost reverence and devotion. It became - and still is - my time for different practices of self love, health, and self care. It is the time that feeds my soul so that I can show up as my best self for those I love (including me!).

Sure, the practices have changed over the years as my needs have changed, but it's the one constant in my life. It's my secret sauce as some say for being the best mom, the best friend, the best wife, the best ME possible.

And, the days that I don't practice my morning ritual, are the days that I often wish I could press the rewind button and do over... as does everyone else. haha.

Hence the birthing of my Morning Celebration Program!

I know the profound difference my mornings make, I also know how long it took me to be consistent.

I thought, what if ...

I could create a program that not only supports women in creating their own personalized morning ritual but it was filled with the love, support, encouragement and accountability of other women with the same intention?

I just have to say, it doesn't get much sweeter than that!!

The Morning Celebration program is kept small and intimate so that all participants get a lot of attention and so that we really get an opportunity to connect and become a sisterhood.

It is a safe, welcoming group with the intention of miracles. Wanna come play?

Your sisterhood is waiting ...

"Jala" means "Water" in Sanscrit. Let's move through life like water: Flowing, Nourishing, Replenishing, Healing. Let's do it the "JalaWay"

"Working with Katrina in her Morning Celebration Group Program was so AMAZING. I received so much more than I expected at the start of the group. What I envisioned was so small compared to what I actually got. Each week, Katrina guided me as I figured out what I wanted my morning routine to look like & each week it changed as I added more to my routine. I LOVE the routine that I now have and it’s been such a blessing to me and my family. I have “me time” in the morning and it is filled with gratitude. Having my morning routine makes me feel wonderful and accomplished before the busyness of my day even starts. Making sure that I have MY MORNING TIME puts me in an amazing mood for the day and I actually look forward to the next morning when I get up to have MY TIME.

The group was women supporting women in a safe space that we could release anything we needed to without any judgement!

I look forward to attending her next group." -Kisha K.