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Connect to your Body and Breath

Be Supported, Held Accountable, and Experience Sisterhood

Welcome to JalaWay!

Listen, Trust and Follow your Intuition and Guidance

Hi! I am Katrina, an Integrative Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Tai'Chi Gung Leader, Meditation Lover, Healthy Recipe Creator, and Continual Student of Life. My passion is supporting women in living life embodied, in the present moment and from a place guided by their heart and divine wisdom.


"Katrina is a bright light with a warm heart. She is strength in tenderness. Katrina believed in me and that I had wisdom inside of me. She trusted that wisdom even when I didn't. She continuously saw in me my best self and reminded me of it. When you begin to see yourself as your best self, old, negative beliefs fall and crumble and you become your best self. Thank you for all of the love, Katrina. I am filled with gratitude for you and for who you are for me." - Alecia R.

"Katrina is a master space holder. This group's intention was Morning Rituals. Katrina created a container to explore what would provide me with the optimal grounding for my day. Time for me to connect with myself, my source, my own knowing In that space, I expanded. I learned that when I bring intention, breath and gratitude to my thoughts each day, magical moments occur. This is what Katrina brought forth with this group. Magical moments. Community, connection and expansion through her tender and thoughtful coaching. She set the tone, held the space, and lead the way. I'm eternally grateful for this time together!" -Kyrstie "Kiki" S.

"Working with Katrina in her Morning Celebration Group Program was so AMAZING.  I received so much more than I expected at the start of the group.  What I envisioned was so small compared to what I actually got.  Each week, Katrina guided me as I figured out what I wanted my morning routine to look like & each week it changed as I added more to my routine. I LOVE the routine that I now have and it’s been such a blessing to me and my family.  I have “me time” in the morning and it is filled with gratitude. Having my morning routine makes me feel wonderful and accomplished before the busyness of my day even starts.  Making sure that I have MY MORNING TIME puts me in an amazing mood for the day and I actually look forward to the next morning when I get up to have MY TIME.

The group was women supporting women in a safe space that we could release anything we needed to without any judgement!

I look forward to attending her next group." 
-Kisha K.

"Katrina has a rare gift to support anyone on their own personal journey without supplying any answers, but by guiding you on YOUR path to find what you need. I just wrapped up 8 coaching sessions with her, and I feel more empowered than ever to make the changes in my life that I have been wanting and needing for a LONG time. Very liberating. Highly recommend to let her help you walk your true path." -Mireille G.

JalaWay Philosophy

If I could sum up what JalaWay is all about in two words, if would be this:


Come Home to YOU. Come home to your body and your heart. Come home to you inner wisdom, your inner guidance, your divine knowing. Come home to your breath. Come home to YOU.

In this grounded, sacred place, you have all answers, you have tremendous peace, and you find true joy. Not the kind of hyped up joy from listening to an inspiring speech (though this can be nice to listen to), I'm talking about the kind of joy that is unshakable and ever-lasting. The kind of joy that you can access at any time. A deep sense of joy that soaks you to the core. The kind of joy that no one can take away from you for it is yours and yours alone.

This means that I don't give you the answers. I trust that YOU know what's best for you. I am here to deeply listen, support, encourage, affirm and hold you accountable so that you move beyond your fears, beyond feeling uncomfortable, and beyond where you normally get stopped.

You are worthy and deserving of all of your hearts desires. Let's begin at the source. Let's begin connecting to, loving, and taking care of ... YOU.

I would be honored to be a witness to your growth. Reach out at any time with questions. I am here. I love you. I believe in you. And, I can't wait to meet you.